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BeeBorn Childbirth Education - The Confident Birth Series

Knowledge is Power Over Fear

I offer childbirth education sessions tailored to the expecting families/persons personal needs.  I will introduce you to the birthing process and what you can expect; including a variety of variables. I offer private-in home sessions, working off your schedule.  This is great for families who work out of town or do shift work.  If you have some pregnant friends or family, we can have some fun, interactive group sessions; still in the comfort of your home.  These sessions are designed to be completed over a 6 week timeframe (2 hours each) but I have modified them for those who are pressed for time - they can be completed over 2 separate days; 3-4 hours each.

You'll get a binder with our syllabus and a many handouts that you can use as a quick reference for when you want evidence-based knowledge in a hurry.


Fee:  $250 per couple/person for 2 sessions (half day course).  Additional families joining will reduce the cost by $50/couple.


The Confident Birth (Session 1)

3+ hours

This Mindfulness-Based Childbirth session encompasses the basics of pregnancy, labour and birth. It’s designed to offer you the knowledge you need to plan, make informed choices, and understand your rights and your body before, during, and after you give birth.  You will begin to learn what is important to you, during labour and birth, how to set up your birth space to make it as comfortable as possible.  You will get a sense of how to design a "birth plan" ~ a preference list of what is important to you as you labour and birth; even if it doesn't go as planned.  You'll learn about the different interventions, epidurals, and cesarean sections, so you'll be well versed on what to expect no matter what happens.  We can also go over how to pack your bags for the hospital.


The Confident Birth: Comfort Measures and Breathing for Labour and Birth (Session 2)

3+ hours

This is the most interactive session that we'll have and requires you to have a birth ball (be mindful of the circumference as it correlates to your height).  I will guide you through the different stages of labour, and help show you how can harness your own strength to make it as easy and safe, as possible, to birth your baby.  You will learn about the importance of using movement and gravity, during labour, even if you have an epidural. If you have a partner or support person, I will show them the proper hands-on techniques to bring you comfort.  This may include counter pressure, massage, pain-gate theory, abdominal shifting/lifting, and the 3 Balances by Spinning Babies.


Instinctual Childbirth (Session 2 with modifications)

3 hours+

With my Instinctual Childbirth Session (often geared towards home-birth clients or those totally set on an intervention/medication-free birth), I will guide you through the whole birthing process, and provide you with tips and approaches to make the experience as calm and positive as possible.

Many people believe that the ability to have a "natural" birth coincides with having a high pain tolerance but that isn't the truth.  Trusting you instincts to birth your baby is based on education, understanding your rights, learning how to "ride the waves" rather than fight them.  It's mindfulness at its best; being in tune with your body and what it needs to do.  It's a dedication to surrender to your surges, rather than tensing and fighting them - which is where understanding the fear=tension=pain cycle is a good place to start.  


You had a baby...So now what??

2 hours ($75 add on fee)

We often plan for labour and birth but rarely plan for when baby arrives and we are suddenly thrust into the parenting role.  We forget to slow down and nurture our healing body because we are too busy trying to figure out how to nurture a tiny human being.

  • caring for you as you heal

  • understanding the difference between baby blues and other postpartum mood disorders

  • There are so many questions that come up as we navigate caring for a newborn.  I will help you feel confident caring for your newborn and help you understand what they are trying to tell you.

  • is your baby eating enough (how to tell)

  • breast/chest feeding support

  • bottle feeding support

  • baby wearing

  • safe sleep

  • understanding their crying

  • soothing a crying baby

  • how to bath a newborn

  • cord care

  • swaddling

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