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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a doula do?

Birth is a life experience that every birthing person will remember for their entire life.  I will help you and your partner to figure out what type of birth best suits your needs and assist you on how to advocate for that birth experience.  I understand the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of the person in labour.  I stay by your side for your entire labour and birth and provide comfort measures to help you through it all.  I encourage your partner's involvement and show them ways they can bring you comfort (birth can be a scary time for them, too).  Ultimately, my role is to nurture you as you labour and birth your baby and, by doing so, we work together to protect your birth experience the best way we can.

Does a Doula Take Away From What My Partner Should do?

My role, as a doula, is to help you and your partner empower each other towards having the most intimate, fulfilling and amazing birth experience; even if things do not go according to "plan."  In these moments, it can be very hard on a partner to emotional grip on; watching you in pain while helping you make some of the most important decisions of your life.  My role is to educate and support you both in these situations.  

Also, I'm not there to replace your partner; I assume that they are your person; the one who loves and knows you best.  My role is to encourage their support of you.; whether this be words of affirmation or physical touch.   Sometimes, birth can be very overwhelming for the partner and I can help them remain calm and be a source of loving, patient care for you.  

I can also help remind your partner to get rest, have a meal, stay hydrated so that they can be at their best to support you in the long haul.  

Consider me a source of valuable, non-clinical, information that who will help you and your partner be your own best advocate for the birth you hope for.

Do you perform any physical examinations?

No.  A doula does not do any physical/clinical exams (blood pressure, internal exams, fetal monitoring, etc).  We provide non-clinical information and support to the pregnant, labouring, birthing and post-partum person.

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