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Take a moment to read reviews from some of my most recent clients.  It has been my honour to support these families, who come from every walk of life and all who have very different life experiences.  My goal is to make every person who hires me to feel as supported as these clients did....

Sonja went above and beyond to support me during my pregnancy and birth - I could not have asked for a kinder‌, more knowledgeable, and more attentive doula. She was always available by text and via phone, and spoke to me EXTENSIVELY about my fears, hopes, and options. It was incredible having such a knowledgeable birth worker in my corner. I was truly blown away by just how much Sonja knows about birth - not only does she teach a child birth education class, but she also has tons of tricks up her sleeve to help your labour progress smoothly. I could not recommend hiring her more - you will be in VERY good hands!!! I felt so empowered during the entire process, from pregnancy to birth, thanks to her. She's trained in spinning babies (i.e. techniques that help get your baby in the optimal position), is vbac certified (through the vbac link), and is constantly seeking continuing education surrounding child birth. Birth and doula work is a genuine passion for Sonja, not just a fleeting interest, and it is so clear in the way she supports you. As a cherry on top, she took amazing photos/videos of my birth and baby that I will forever cherish, helped me get settled after the birth was over, and brought me an adorable basket full of goodies a week postpartum. I could not recommend her more highly, and if we have another, will 100% be working with her again!

Dee & Lee

Sonja attended my birth in December 2022 as a backup for my original doula. She was very resourceful and had lots of helpful suggestions to help me cope with labour and get things moving. She was also readily available after the birth while my baby was in the NICU and provided lots of information to help me make the best decisions for my little one. I would highly recommend her! 


Having Sonja as our Doula really helped both Alanna and I out during the whole process of before, during and after child birth! I really had no idea what to expect since this is my first baby. Sonja every step of the way answered all of our questions and doubts. Sonja gave us a lot of heads up on potential risks and questions that people would be asking us at the hospital. I was extremely nervous for what my role as a father would be at the hospital and even after! Sonja helped me through the whole experience! Whenever I was in doubt, she always had an answer! I feel like a confident dad now because of her help!! I would suggest to anyone who has had a child or not, with ptsd about giving birth or not, to have a doula with them! It's amazing to have another person always having what's best in mind for you near by. Thank you so much Sonja!


I had the opportunity to have Sonja at the birth of my first child. Sonja is very knowledgeable, personable and has a calm warming personality.

I loved having her at the birth. I would highly recommend Sonja to all of my friends and family and plan to hire her again for the birth of my second. 

As an added bonus, Sonja took the most amazing photos of the birth. 


From the very second I met with Sonja, I realized she is the doula I want to have for my son's birth! She is so humble, professional, and kind! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an advocate and seeks professional and non judgemental support. I had a very difficult experience with my first child's birth not having a doula present and soem other complications, but this time with Sonja's help and care, I was so confident that things would go well. My husband was not able to be present for the birth of my son unfortunately, but Sonja covered nearly each and every moment of it for him and supported me as if my husband or my mom/sis was actually were present there! I was aiming for a natual birth but was too worried that my baby would be vacumed same as my first one. Sonja was comforting me through the whole process and encouraging me that I was doing it and empowered me a lot. The photos she took and the video clip she made for us was amazing too. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart and wish her health and happiness! :)


I was on the fence about hiring a doula because I wasn't sure what they did and I was unsure about the expense.  But, a friend had hired one and loved her experience.  I interviewed my friend's doula (and several others) and didn't feel the connection until I spoke with Sonja.  Right away, her calm voice and sense of humour put me at ease.  Sonja is very honest and upfront, which is exactly the type of support I was searching for.  During our prenatals, she was was a wealth of knowledge well past the standard "labour & birth" information.  She helped us understand the importance of having a comfortable birth space, what to do if we felt overwhelmed and how to prepare for the unexpected (so as to lessen the chance of birth trauma).  We had so much fun learning and connecting with her.  On our "birth-day" Sonja came out as soon as we needed her.  My plan was to go to the birth centre but as my labour evolved I knew I didn't want to go anywhere.  Sonja stayed by my side, providing comfort measures and reassuring my husband that all was normal.  Our midwife came out when my contractions were about 3-4 minutes apart and was perfectly happy with our change of plans.  Sonja and her supported me (and my husband) like a team who had known each other forever.  In transition, I remember feeling suddenly scared and out of control.  I don't remember much else about that time except Sonja placing her hands on my shoulders, reminding me to relax them and looking me in the eyes and saying something like, "I know you're feeling scared and that's okay because I'm not and I'm right here with you" and for some reason those words were all I needed to hear - she was there for me, she was helping me through this, she was supporting me...

Anyway, I feel emotional writing this because she is worth her weight in gold.  A bonus to this whole experience was the gorgeous (and amazing) photos/videos she took and the wonderful (and unexpected) gift she brought us at our postpartum visit.  Oh - and she's also wonderful with newborns, breastfeeding support and just listening... please don't hesitate to hire her!


I had a fantastic experience with Sonja right from the start.  She was informative, professional and knowledgeable.  Most importantly she was kind, caring and understanding in every way.  Sonja gave us everything and more and without her my birth experience would have been negative, overall (mostly due to conflicts with my midwife) but Sonja made my birth so much more positive.  Do not hesitate to hire her!


Sonja was there for me for the births of 2 of my children - one birth centre and one home birth.  She was always calm and helped me feel like I had the power to birth my way.  By the way, both of these were VBAC's!!!!  Sonja was amazing at helping me trust my body and she worked alongside my midwives so well.
I'm not the type of person who likes physical touch, when I'm labouring, and she never pushed me to birth in any way but my own.  Her reassurance and calming spirit helped me work through my contractions without losing focus or control.  She helped keep me grounded when I wanted to quit and helped me find the strength to keep going.
I can promise that you won't regret hiring her - at the very least I encourage you to reach out and have a conversation with her!  She'll make sure that you're so prepared for labour and birth and you won't fear it anymore.  A bonus is that Sonja is amazing with babies - if you hire her for postpartum you'll know that your baby is well cared for and you'll feel so supported.

Aleah L.

I didn't know what to expect in a doula (I didn't really know what one was) when my midwife suggested I find one.  But, Sonja had so much information and answered questions I didn't even know I had!  She put me and my partner at ease.  I needed that...especially in this pandemic when connection with others is hard to find.  She prepared us for birth and the unexpected - which was huge.  My husband became the biggest fan every - because he was unsure of how he would fit into all this with a "birth doula and birth expert" there.  But, Sonja helped him be involved and helped him support me in the most useful ways (double-hips squeezes - woohoo!).  She also took amazing pictures and short videos - something we never could have done been totally wrapped up in the labour and birth process.


From the beginning of my pregnancy, I knew that I wanted to experience a natural birth but have the option of using medication if needed. This is the main reason I decided to look for a doula.

To me, a natural birth is all about the mindset and atmosphere. From the first video call with Sonja, I knew that her calming presence was exactly what I was looking for. On her first visit, she was able to, unknowingly, impress my husband and he went from thinking that a doula was a just an extra expense to bring grateful that he would also have support on the day of. She was always available to contact and gave me tips and information at all hours. When it came to the day I delivered, she was an invaluable help from giving me ideas for different labor positions, to showing my husband how to do the double hip squeeze, but most of all she was able to keep the calm atmosphere in the birthing room I wanted. When the atmosphere shifted, she was able to get my husband and I some needed space for just the two of us to keep the oxytocin flowing. The only way I was able to mentally stay in the zone was because my husband and Sonja provided such amazing support. She also communicated my complete birth plan to the hospital staff so I didn't have to worry about what would happen when it came time to push. As a bonus, she also took pictures so my husband could concentrate on being there for me.

Sonja is the kind of doula who makes sure you have complete support in your decisions right from the start, a calm birthing atmosphere, and the ability to concentrate on the birth of your baby without any worry. She also makes amazing Lactation cookies!

Would hire again. Maybe for a home birth next.

Sarah R

We are so happy we had Sonja as our doula for the birth of our first child! From our first meeting via Zoom to the prenatal and postpartum visits, she offered a wealth of information to help both me and my husband prepare for the birth we wanted and feel confident going into it, even when I went into labour over two weeks early and my labour kicking off in an unexpected manner. She was a calm and steady presence during labour and delivery, helped my husband feel involved, and was a wonderful advocate for my preferences and suggesting I try different positions to keep labour progressing. Ultimately the birth of our son was a truly positive experience, in large part thanks to Sonja. I also appreciated how she checked in regularly with me throughout my final trimester and the few first weeks postpartum and offered such great encouragement to me as a new mom. We highly recommend her!


Deciding on Sonja as my doula was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. She is very knowledgeable and resourceful and was always available to answer any questions I had no matter what time of the day. As a first time mother and a new Canadian I had a lot of them. She is passionate and enthusiastic about pregnancy, birth and everything related to mom and baby. She was reliable and always very caring throughout my pregnancy. When my water broke at 3 am she answered my call immediately and was ready to meet me at the hospital, in fact she arrived there before me. I loved how she supported my husband showing him how to comfort me and being by his and baby's side while I was being checked up during recovery.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking support and use her services in a future pregnancy.

Carine B

Sonja was amazing!
She made us feel so comfortable and was a very calming presence. She has so much to offer to help you with your pregnancy and to educate you on the birthing process. I have never felt more at ease with someone, especially in a very stressful situation. I don't think I could've handled myself as well as I did without Sonja.
My partner and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is about to have a baby. I honestly can't thank her enough for everything that she did for us and helped us through.


From the very first moment I met Sonja I knew that she was going to be the perfect addition to my support team.

Sonja has a very uplifting personality and is very laid back, I love how it was always comfortable to be in her presence. 

I knew that if I had any questions or concerns that Sonja had an answer, there were a few times where I was at a loss with discomfort through the last trimester and she was able to flood me with amazing resources and techniques to try to relieve the discomfort.

while labouring Sonja was so easy going and able to help me to better understand what my body is going through, for the most of my labour I felt as though it was not real and she helped me to understand that it was true labour and encouraged me to rest while could.

I cannot imagine having a home birth without my amazing doula Sonja, she has so much knowledge in supporting a labouring momma, there was not a single moment where I didn't feel empowered by her words and assistance, we tried a few different positions that she had suggested until we found what worked for my body. 

Sonja was amazing before during and after my delivery, I will forever be grateful for her amazing assistance in bringing my little boy into the world. 

I highly recommend Sonja to anyone looking for a knowledgeable laid back support person. Absolutely amazing woman she is!


As a first time mom, I was nervous about pregnancy and birth, especially after suffering 2 traumatic losses.  Sonja was so knowledgeable, confident and calm and she put my mind at ease.  I could contact her anytime with my questions.  During labour she was very good at supporting my husband and showing him how to comfort me during contractions.  I wanted to have my baby in the birth centre but after 3 days of labour (she stayed with me the whole time!), and hours upon hours of transition-type contractions, my baby started to not tolerate it well.  I felt very scared to learn that I needed a hospital transfer.  Sonja helped me understand what was happening and why which helped calm me.  At the hospital, I had to have an emergency c-section and Sonja helped me to understand that my body did not fail me and I did not fail at "giving" birth.  So, even though the birth of my baby didn't turn out as planned I can still say that it was positive and I am happy with it!  Thanks to Sonja and my husband.


Sonja was so extremely helpful during our very long and emotional birth experience. She provided amazing emotional support and encouragement for both myself and my husband and was excellent at providing ideas for pain relief and positioning. She advocated on our behalf with healthcare professionals and was wonderful at navigating that landscape. We felt so comfortable with her straight away and are very happy we decided to hire her for doula services.


We recently got the opportunity to work with Sonja, and as my husband and I are both first time parents, it was amazing to have her both pre and post labour/delivery. She has a wealth of knowledge and could easily answer all the questions we (mostly myself) had. She checked in with me often to see how I was doing, and was available to talk to my husband when my contractions first started. Sonja was a calm presence when my labour took a turn, and she also kept checking in with my husband to make sure that he to was OK, which I greatly appreciated!
We loved working with Sonja!


The moment we hired Sonja as our doula I felt more at ease about our baby's upcoming birth. It was wonderful having someone outside of my midwives to ask questions. When I developed a medical issue late in pregnancy Sonja was able to calm my fears because she had first hand experience with the issue. 
Sonja was also great in the first days after I gave birth. She helped us get organized and learn how to use all the baby things (Moby wrap, pump, ect). It was incredibly helpful and I highly recommend Sonja to anyone about to give birth or looking for postpartum help. 


Sonja was my birth doula for my second child. From the very first conversation with her, I felt like she was the one God sent to support me in these uncertain times. She had been very supportive  throughout my pregnancy answering all my queries and understanding my concerns. She is informative and knowledgeable with so many techniques on how to labour and cope up with the pain during labour. She was my primary support person during my birth and she did her job extremely well. More than “just” a Doula, she is an amazing person.

I would highly recommend Sonja for anyone who is looking for some support and care during and after delivery. 


Sonja was my doula for our homebirth - do not hesitate to hire her!  My husband and I were both a little bit nervous; both for labour and birth but also to have doula because we didn't know what to expect.   Sonja made both of us feel comfortable and she was always there for me via text and phone call; outside of our prenatal visits that we had.  During our prenatals Sonja had cards that helped us design our "perfect" birth and then surprised us by having those cards flipped over to the exact opposite.  Then, we talked about how birth is unpredictable and how to plan for the unexpected.  It was so informative.  At our 36 week prenatal we went over comfort measures/how my husband could help me, finalized my birth plan, got the carseat installed and...well she was a wealth of calm information.
During the birth, she came to our house when my contractions were about 6-7 minutes apart.  We walked, talked, she showed my husband how to help me and reminded him not to talk to me when I was in a contraction - that was helpful for when I couldn't speak for myself.  She also helped calm him, too.  
The birth of our son was amazing - thanks to the support from Sonja and our midwives.


Sonja was a great support for my first pregnancy. So full of information helped me prepare for the birth of my son immensely.


I wanted to add a perspective from a "dad" - the honest truth is that I didn't really want to hire a doula but, also, knew I wasn't the one pushing out a baby.  However, from the moment we spoke to Sonja (over Zoom) I knew she was just what we BOTH needed - surprise surprise!  She was great at explaining how we would work together, as a team, to support my wife.  When she came to our home for the prenatals, she answered all our questions, and more.  She also explained that, during parts of labour, sometimes the dad/husband starts to feel useless because there is nothing we can do to take away the pain of our wife.  But, also, had us go through comfort measures of what we could do to reduce it.  She also talked about making me a "water boy" - just making sure my wife stayed hydrated.  Sonja has of way of bringing humour into everything which eased my anxiety.
During labour and birth, for as much energy as she brought to our prenatal meetings, she brought a sense of calm to our birthspace.  She was able to explain everything that was going on - even when I was a little worried when my wife started making really loud sounds, shaking and throwing up.  
Geez, sorry this so long!  Lol!  Basically, I just wanted to say that we hired Sonja for my wife but she 1000% kept my head above water and I would recommend her to any guy, out there, who is on the fence about hiring a doula!  Thanks Sonja!


Being that this was our first baby, Sonja’s support prior to birth, during birth and postpartum put both my husband and I at ease during the wild ride that was our daughter’s birth.
Firstly, Sonja was extremely supportive and responsive during my pregnancy, answering all of my questions using research, facts and past experience.
Next, my labour. Let’s just say my labour was LONG (40+ hours) and Sonja was by our side for the whole thing. This included coming to our home in Cochrane when labour first began, driving to Canmore, staying in Canmore at a hotel and then spending another full day/night of labour in the hospital with us. Like a lot of births ours did not go to ‘plan’ and Sonja was there to support us through all of the uncertainties. At one point near the end of my labour, my husband and I were both exhausted physically and mentally and the doctor was talking to us about options going forward. Knowing our birth wishes, Sonja helped us through the decision making and helped us to think clearly, even through our exhaustion.
Once we were home from the hospital Sonja came to visit to debrief the birth. Since the birth was long with some complication we greatly appreciated talking through it with Sonja. Additionally, Sonja left us with some very specially momentos for both our daughter and my husband and I to remember the special day, which included a letter to our daughter explaining how she came into the world and photos she had taken throughout my labour.
From the prenatal support Sonja provided, the support during my long labour and the postpartum support, Sonja was a crucial part to bringing our little one into the world. We would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula.
Thank you Sonja!


For my third pregnancy, I enlisted the help of the Sonja  as I wanted to be more informed and involved in the labour and delivery of my baby. After two less than ideal hospital births I chose to have Sonja present at this birth; I honestly wish I could go back in time and have her support me through the deliveries of my first two children. It’s impossible to truly describe how wonderful the experience was with Sonja there to guide me through my labour by supporting and empowering me. I was able to deliver this baby in a calm, peaceful setting without an epidural or extensive  pain medication - something I never thought I would be able to do. 
Having Sonja present was just as much as a benefit for my husband as it was for me. Sonja was able to offer him guidance, on how to better support me and make the " unknowns " he may have been experiencing a little less scary for him with her support . 
My husband and I were truly touched at the photos Sonja took while in the hospital and a little video clip the moment my son was born, weeks later it still causes me to tear up  I am so greatful for Sonja and the services she has provided for me, and my family  


I cannot say enough amazing things about Sonja! My little one came early via emergency c-section and decided to shake things up right away! In the first two weeks of his life we had 2 hospital admissions and I was struggling. After the first hospital admission I reached out to Sonja for Postpartum Support (mainly overnight support). Not only was Sonja prompt, but she took the time to get to know me and my needs, as well as my spouses and my little ones. I was dealing with bad D-MER (Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex), an infected c-section incision, Postpartum Anxiety and Depression, and extreme Sleep Deprivation. Sonja came in with an ample amount of knowledge not only  regarding the care of my little one, but also about care for me during this very transitional time. I am still dealing and working through the PPA and PPD and she still continues to be a massive support even on the days she is don't providing in person support. I would HIGHLY recommend Sonja as any type of support that you need/want during your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Chelsea D

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