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Hi! I'm so happy you are looking through my site and are deciding if I seem like a good for your family.  The following is a list of what I offer and it all begins with a NO-OBLIGATION meet & greet where you contact me, and I'll set-up a comfortable video chat/Zoom meeting or an in-person chat (coffee house or maybe a walk).  

If you decide I'm right for your family I will provide you (and your partner if you have one) with calm care, understanding, evidence-based information and support before and after birth. Our initial meeting will help me tailor my packages to fit your needs.  feel so excited whenever I get hired as someone's birth support.  As your doula, I'm on call for you 24-7 from week 38 until the birth of your baby and I’m available to you for any questions or concerns you have throughout your pregnancy.  Call, email or text anytime. 

Until you feel ready to make that final decision, please feel free to get in touch with any questions you have - I'd love to answer any that you have about childbirth education, lactation support, any of my services or about doula support, in general!

Prenatal/Labour/Birth Package: $1150 (including photography/editing for a limited time)

* I am very passionate in my belief that every pregnant person deserves an empowered and compassionate support .  Please ask me how I can work within your budget, as I may be able to offer a payment plan/other alternative.  **Returning families will receive a $200 discount**

  • I offer one, no-obligation "meet and greet" where we chat and you decide if I’m a fit as your doula. 

     From the moment you hire me and we sign the contract, together, I am available to for texts, emails and phone calls whenever you want to talk about your pregnancy.  •••the earlier you book, in your pregnancy, the more flexibility we have with payment plans👍🏼




    1st Prenatal (20-30 weeks) - The first few minutes is business - we go over any questions you have about the contract.  Next, we get into the the fun stuff! We talk about your medical history, birth wishes, birth fears and any questions or concerns you have.  If you have a partner they are included in this prenatal.  This normally lasts 1-2 hours.




    2nd Prenatal (36-37 weeks) - we go over the stages of labour and birth, go over comfort techniques and pain management, finalize your birth plan, talk about when to call me when you’re in labour, etc.  Feel free to ask about breast/chestfeeding help, if you choose to feed baby this way. I hold no judgement for your preferred way of feeding your baby.  This visit lasts about 2 hours. 




    3rd visit will be when you go into labour and you get ready to meet your little one.  I'll provide you support from whenever you feel you need it.  I'll come to your home and help you through early labour or at the hospital - whatever you need.  I'll provide continuous support through labour, birth and the first 1-2 hours post birth.  



    4th visit 

    will be our postpartum check-in.  I'll be so excited to meet your baby in your home and to debrief your birth story.  You can ask me anything that's been weighing on your mind or anything you wish to know about baby care (or baby's sleep, eating, crying, pooping, etc).  New parenthood can be overwhelming to everyone (young siblings included) and I'm here to help listen and give suggestions to help ease that transition.


Cost Saving Additions to my Birth Services:


    I have a 2 different TENS machines that I bring to each birth.  Give them a try and see how it helps your discomfort level


  •   📸I'm currently building my professional photography portfolio and love to photograph births.  If you want professionally photographed and edited photos of your labour and birth and will be free for a limited time with my birth doula package.  If I find any of the photos taken of your birth to particularly striking, I will ask permission to make an informative IG post on it or ask to enter it into a Birth Becomes You photo contest

Planned Cesarean Birth Package - $700


If you are having a planned cesarean birth I would also love to support you.  Our in-house prenatal visit will be reduced to 1 where I will prepare you and your partner (should you have one) for what to expect, provide information on how you might manage your postpartum pain, and help you be well prepared to care for your newborn after having major surgery.  If you don't have a partner, I would love to be with you in the OR and recovery room.  My goal is to help your cesarean birth as positive as we can make it be; also reducing your stress and fear.  If it is important to you, we will create a birth plan which will help make this birth as gentle as possible because, no matter which way our babies become earthside, it's all equally "birth" and should feel that way.  I want to ensure that your surgery interferes, as little as possible, with the bonding and caring of your newborn. 

***If you have a partner, who will be attending your cesarean, you can make a request to your OB/midwife (who submits it to your birth location) to have me allowed into recovery to wait for you.  Then, I follow you and your new family to postpartum where I support you, in baby care and feeding, until you feel capable. 

Postpartum Doula Care - $35/hr between 8am-9pm, $40/hr between 9pm-8am/overnights.  Overnights are limited to Cochrane, Carstairs and surrounding areas.  A $150 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your spot and will go towards your final payment 


What is a Postpartum Doula?

A postpartum doula is not a babysitter, nanny, mother's helper or housekeeper but is a specially trained support person who invests in the needs of the family in the days, weeks and months following the birth of their child.  We are trained to recognize postpartum mood disorders and how to care for the recovering birther.

I will help you, your partner and the younger siblings to adjust to life with a new baby, provide opportunities for you to rest, bond with baby and get into the swing of having this new addition as part of your lives.

I'm here to listen to you, to help with breast/chest feeding, bottle feeding, sibling care (take them to the park or do activities with them while you hold baby and/or rest).  I provide evidence based information on co-sleeping, why baby is crying, newborn development and have resources to help you understand your new baby.  And provide resources for if you need to connect with the community or need help with any number of postpartum struggles that may arise.

SLEEP...For some new families, the hardest part about having a newborn is lack of sleep.  I can do overnights and care for baby while you get some much needed rest (location dependant).  Whether you pump or formula feed and I do all the night feeds or I bring baby to you for breastfeeding, we will make it work so you get some sleep and feel human, again.  These hours, typically, begin at 9pm and end at 7am.  

I'll make light meals for you (like soup, a sandwich, smoothies, fruit, cheese or a veggie plate - whatever you have on hand).  I'll do some light tidying such as clean up the kitchen, vacuum the living room, do baby laundry and put it away, but I'm not a housekeeper so heavy cleaning (scrubbing out a bathroom, organizing outside of baby's things, for example), is not what I do.  My goal is to make some of your daily duties easier so that you can spend time recovering, caring for your mental health and loving your family.

  • I'll show you baby wearing so you can be more hands-free

  • I'll help you with positions for feeding your baby; for breast and bottle

  • I'll show safe sleep options for your new little one

  • I'll help with diaper changes, bathing and swaddling

  • And I'll be there, as a listening ear that cares and understands and help you with resources and connections with life-minded people

If you have hired me as your birth doula you may also consider hiring me for postpartum support - we can keep the continuum of care going in the trusted relationship we have built.

As your Postpartum Doula, I can come to the hospital and provide immediate support or can meet you at your home on a schedule we have agreed upon. 

Contact me for a no-obligation, friendly meet and greet (often over a video call) to see if we're a good fit.  Next, we'll meet in person - this can be in your home or a coffee shop where we go over the contract and discuss what your specific needs are and how many hours you require to start. After this, I will begin supporting you according to our designated schedule.

The best way to hire a PP doula is through 12 to 24 hour blocks. Many families find useful support in the 8am-12pm hours (so you can catch up on sleep or run errands).  I will continue to support your family during the first 4 months (so keep this in mind for when your baby is cycling through sleep regressions).

Birth and Postpartum Support Combination


If you choose to have me as your birth AND postpartum doula, you will receive a discounted rate of $30/hr for dayshifts and $35 for overnights.  As we get to know each other during your pregnancy, labour and birth you can transfer this comfort and trust straight over into care of you, your family and your newborn after birth.  


My shifts will be a minimum of 4 hours.  

***Please note that I don't offer postpartum services for the South or North East of Calgary but have many wonderful postpartum doulas that I can recommend***

Birth Photography - $700


If you are looking for reasonably-priced birth photography my fee is $700.  This covers being on call for your labour and birth (beginning at 38 weeks) and taking photos from when you are in active labour until about 2 hours post birth.  I will respect the type/style of photos and videos you are interested in and try to be as minimally invasive as possible.  We will meet in your 3rd trimester and go over your expectations for the images you want me to capture.  Normally, within 48 hours of the birth of your baby I will send you a sample of the photos taken.  Once editing is complete, I will send you an invite to view and export them.  Please note, that some OB's oppose birth photography in L&D.  You will want to clarify their stance on this before hiring any photographer and let your nurses know that you have one arriving during your labour and birth.

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